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Quality & Safety

(1)The site in charge will collect and study the information about various safety permits related to various types of hazardous operations required to be carried out and the type of industry viz.


(a)        Permission to start the work

(b)        Hot work permit

(c)        Line breaking/vessel operating permit

(d)       Confined space entry permit

(e)        Temporary Electrical connection permit

(f)        Electrical installation permit

(g)        Tank form entry permit


(2)        Site-In-Charge will get information about various hazards involved / associated with each type of safety permit and collect specific requirement/ precautions or restriction on use of tools/tackles and safety appliances / apparatuses. He will ensure that proper authority from owner/client has issued the requisite safety permit and proper samples are taken and analyzed. Requirement of periodical analysis wherever necessary shall be carry out.

M/S Arman will provide adequate no. of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to all the workers in the working site area.

First Aid arrangement and medical kits will be maintained at work site at readily accessible location. Information about nearby hospitals will also be collected where emergency treatment can be obtained.

Following guide lines will be followed for safe execution of Maintenance Activities in general.

(i)    Tool box talk shall be done at starting of each shift starts. Job specific tool box talk shall be given by site engineer/supervisors

(ii)    If the Part or equipment can be conveniently recovered, no hot work shall be done if the same is located in a serious fire hazard zone.

Co-ordination between various agencies is to be ensured if more than one agency is working on single equipment/same zone.

Cordon-off the area down below when work is done on elevated places – and proper precaution shall be taken to ensure that nuts, bolts, hand tools etc. do not fall.

Proper earthlings shall be provided to welding/grinding machine.


(i) Removal of all tools & tackles, replaced parts, gas cylinders, welding machines and other materials.

(ii) Disconnection of temporary electrical power supply.


Cleaning of work place, removal all debris, grease, cotton waste etc.

Removal of scaffolding and other arrangements made for executing the job.

(3)        Line breaking /vessel opening jobs having fire or explosion hazards should be done with non-sparking tools of non-ferrous materials. Eye protection and hand protection appliances must be used by the personnel while breaking line/vessel opening. If required special appliances like air line respirator, BA set, PVC suit, face shield, fire retardant suit, gum boots etc. shall be obtained from the client/owner.

(4) Temporary Electrical Connection will be made after ascertaining the requirement by trained qualified electrical technician with following precautions:

i.) Cable should not be laid across the walkways, roads, etc. but instead kept overheads.

ii).Extension boards shall be protected against rain, water etc.

iii).Field joints shall be avoided and supply should be given without plug and socket arrangements.

iv).Information to be invited from competent personnel of client/owner

.v).For any inspection inside vessels, 24v hand lamp shall be used. When flood lights are required for illumination inside the vessel, after proper purging of the vessel, the same shall be at elevated places where working people do not come in contact with it.

vi).Switch off the power when not in use.

vii).Once the job is completed, temporary connection are to be removed before handing over site to the client/owner.

While working on electrical system workmen shall ensure the following safety measures.


  • Proper and valid electrical line clearance is to be obtained for the equipment.
  • The cables are properly insulated and are without any temporary joint.
  • All flammable/combustible materials shall either be removed from the work place or shall be properly protected.
  • Suitable earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) is proved for incoming and outgoing feeders.
  • Proper earthling shall be provided to distribution board and other electrical equipments like welding machine and grinding machine etc.
  • Pipe sleeves shall be provided for road crossings or walk way of temporary cables laid for the work.
  • The power connection shall not be overloaded and suitable overload protection shall be provided.
  • The tools used by the personnel shall be ensured for properly insulated and in good condition.
  • The grinding machine and other power tools should have proper guard.
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